Understanding the Different Types of Residential and Community Nursing Home Services

Home care is a form of long-term support that can be provided to help older people. This may include assistance with everyday tasks like cooking, washing dishes, personal hygiene and taking medication; health services including doctors’ visits or physiotherapy sessions etc.


Understanding the Different Types of Residential and Community Nursing Home Services


In this blog, we’ll discuss the difference between the providers delivering these services in Australia.


Not For Profit/Community Owned Facility

Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA)  is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the well-being of older Australians. They are committed to choice, wellness, and quality of life for all members; this includes both volunteers who help out with caretaking duties as well as those receiving care from ACSA itself in its many forms across Australia.


Private for Profit Facility

Non-government funded services are not regulated or subsidised by the Australian Government. They can have their own set of rules. As a result, the prices for these types of care will vary from person to person depending on what they offer–and how much you’re willing to pay in order to get them.


Public Facility

The Australian Government funds some services and programs for older people who are unable to continue living independently at home. While the government pays most of the cost in Australia, you will be charged a basic daily fee (currently $53-56 per day).


Difference between not for profit and privately managed aged care system

As of June 2020, the majority of aged care services in Australia are run by not-for-profit organisations,  (57% of residential aged care, 70% of home care, and 69% of home support). Private organisations come second with government funded facilities in third.


In a ‘for-profit’ organisation, the profit is distributed to owners and/or investors. In contrast with this model where businesses are run for private gain in order to make money from their customers’ needs; not-for profits reinvest back into their organisation so they can provide services or facilities that further their aims and missions, specifically resident care and quality of life. They also have volunteers who contribute to the welfare and activities of the residents.


Aside from nursing homes, there are also non-profit assisted living homes that are more like communities. They have activities, such as residents sharing meals and working together, that help keep people engaged in their lives while they’re away from home or their family members at a cheaper cost than nursing facilities.  Some groups even have programs for those who need assistance in managing their everyday tasks such as grocery shopping; while some even offer teaching skills on arts & crafts projects so individuals can maintain independence through these hobbies too.


These non-profit assisted living communities are usually smaller than for-profit facilities. So it is typical for residents to share a room with someone, but they get more individualized care and attention since there may be fewer people in each home at these types of places. They also offer lower rates because this goes back into the community through services like meals or activities.


When it comes to choosing between a for-profit and not for profit assisted living facility, there are many considerations that should be made. So it is important for you to do your research on both groups of homes. This will give you a more accurate idea on how they operate as well as what their policies entail before making any final decisions.


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